Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For What it's Worth

I have made many a parenting mistake and expect to make many more.  I have read up on discipline, spoken and read about discipline and disciplined in any number of ways.  Most of them were wrong, because it was more about ME.  I so often reacted as if their behavior were a personal attack.  And sometimes, when I am tired or ill or fed up, I still do.

Reaching the heart of our children requires a certain maturity level and confidence I didn't have for many years.  Heck, sometimes I stuggle to find it still.
When my children rebelled,  to my shame, I even sometimes had an attitude of "how dare you behave that way?" and punished accordingly and arbitrarily.
It takes time and effort and patience to see behind the behavior to the root of the problem.
I'm getting better at it over time, hopefully they won't need counseling when they are grown. :)

In any case, I came across a post today that deeply touched me and I am sharing it because I think it's honesty and beauty are worth sharing.   I really hope you get as much out of it as I did and that it is relevant to your life as well as mine.

Here it is:


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