Tuesday, April 15, 2014


TEACH Tutorials offers weekly Wednesday afternoon classes for homeschooled middle and high school students on Cape Cod.  Currently, we’re in the process of planning our 2014-15 school year and would love to expand our roster of class offerings.  To that end, we’re seeking qualified individuals to serve as tutors in a variety of academic subjects, including the following:

v  Middle or high school science (Apologia curriculum preferred)
v  Middle or high school literature (IEW curriculum preferred)
v  Middle or high school level history/geography
v  High school writing (IEW curriculum preferred)
v  High school level American government/civics (perhaps including a week of
TeenPact at the State House next May?)
v  Art (either combined or separate classes for middle/high school)

We’re open to proposals for other classes, although we do focus primarily on those that are academic rather than extra-curricular.  We would also be willing to consider curriculums other than the ones suggested. 

Our goal is to find tutors with expertise and enthusiasm for a particular subject acquired through formal education and/or experience.  A heart for young people and a desire to see them succeed in their education would be helpful as well! 

If you are interested in learning more details, please contact Lauren Muller at lauren at themullerfamily dot net or Lori Chapman at raccoon2 at comcast dot net.  


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