Thursday, June 2, 2011

Park Day

Park Day!
Crosby Park Playground, Main Street, Centerville. The park is in the hollow across from the General Store.  The address for the store is 555 Main Street for your GPS.
Relax and fellowship with other Moms while the kids enjoy this lovely area.  
Kids of all ages are encouraged to come out, not just the little ones!
Bring change for the 1856 General Store across the street or enjoy the library and the thrift store near-by.
NOTE: The folks at the general store were a little crabby last week when the huge hoard of younger kids went in with only one Mom and 2 teens.  Perhaps we should go in smaller groups with more supervision? 


Reminder for June Meeting

Don't forget folks, this months meeting is TUESDAY, June 7th at Christ Chapel.
Not, as is usual, on the first Thursday which would be this evening.
We will be setting up for the book sale the following day and discussing upcoming events and activities and in general, hanging out and enjoying some fellowship.
Information is here.


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