Monday, March 19, 2012

Does your teen like Shakespeare?

MaryEllen Oliver's Shakespeare class has been a huge hit this year.
We are going to finish out with the study and production of......
 Much Ado About Nothing.
She would love to have some more people join us for this last portion of the class.  All kids age 13 and up are welcome!  Show up at the next class or email MaryEllen for more details.  planetcatbooks at yahoo dot com
Classes are 1-3 on Wednesdays at Forestdale Baptist Church.  The class is $25 per student with a $50 cap per family.
This time, we will be doing the entire play, so students will each have their own book to keep, instead of using a printed-on-paper script. Each student will need to bring said book back and forth from home (to learn lines) to each class (to rehearse). We will be adding some extra rehearsals as the production nears. 
The performance looks like it will take place during the week of May 26 to June 2, will firm up soon.  
NO class the week of April vacation.


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