Monday, June 6, 2011

Mentoring Program

John & Lori Chapman will be leading a mentoring program starting this Sept-April .
This is a coming along side new or those just needing a bit of encouragement & guidance in the early years of homeschooling  
Go online and check it out at written by Vicki Bentley,the guest speaker at the recent MassHOPE Leadership Retreat.Order your book online. Cost  for the workbook is $27.99  plus shipping. This becomes a reference guide for you and gives you the ability to mentor others as you become a seasoned homeschool parent. 
There is a preview of  each volume available online at so you may look through the table of contents and some sample pages to see what the workbook is like.  
We will be spreading it out over 8 weeks,7-9 p.m. meeting on the third Thursday of the month. Meeting place in the central part of the Cape.  
Check your calendars and see if this would work.  Your time will be well spent and all will be blessed for it. 
Sign up at the June PACE meeting or email us at You will need your book for the first night. Sept. 15th We encourage both husband and wife to come or take turns every other month.
Grace & Peace,
John  & Lori


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