Monday, July 1, 2013

New and Exciting!

Tutorial Education Assistance for Cape Homeschoolers

Announcing a new opportunity for homeschooling families with students in grades 7-12!

TEACH tutorials will kick off its inaugural year with three tutor-led classes for the 2013–2014 school year. Classes will meet at Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod (just off of Exit 6 from the Mid-Cape Highway) for one hour every Wednesday afternoon for 32 weeks.

This year's offerings include:

Biology: A 1 ½ hour high school level lab science class using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology.

Literary Analysis/American Literature: A small, seminar-style class (max. of 5 students) for grades 10-12. This class will teach literary analysis in addition to delving into several great American plays, novels, and short stories.

Writing I: A writing class for grades 7 and 8 using the remarkably effective techniques developed by The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).

For more information about TEACH classes, tutors, policies, or registration, contact
Lauren Muller at


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Sale!!

P.A.C.E. annual Book Sale 
Wednesday June 19th at Christ Chapel located at 1200 Old Stage Rd. in Centerville, MA  02632 from 9 a.m.-12 noon.  
Buck A Bag Table!!!
Free Table!!!!! 
Come on out for bargains and blessings!
 Directions for selling
Drop off/set up at the church on Tuesday June 18th 6 p.m.-8 p.m. (fellowship hall door). Lauren Muller will be on sight to assist you. 
Label everything you are selling with two labels. Labels are here...
One on the outside and one on the inside. If you are bundling books be sure to have them tied together from top to bottom and side to side. We will be accepting cash only unless the seller & buyer agree to take a personal check. (it is best to have cash in small bills to pay since you might be buying from several sellers that day). We tally up the sales and disperse it that day by 1 p.m. Please bring a legal size envelope with your name/phone number on it so we can keep track of your sales and pay you at the end of the sale. 
A three dollar fee will be collected at the time of drop off. All of this goes to the church for the use of their building. 
A buck a bag table as well as a freebie table will be included at the sale. If you have any items you want to add to these feel free to do so.  All unsold books should be collected no later than 1 p.m. or they will be donated to the dumpster. We have no way to store them!!!
If you have any questions please contact: Lauren Muller or Lori Chapman


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reminder for Annual Testing

PACE Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-TASK 10) will be held at:
Presbyterian Church  2391 Iyannough Rd.(Rte. 132) West Barnstable, MA 02668 
May 21st, 22nd & 23rd(Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)2013 
8:30 AM - to approximately 1 p.m. 
Order tests  NOW through April 9th, 2013. Tests will be mailed directly to me from Bob Jones Home Education services one month before our test start date. 
Orders may be mailed, call or processed online:
       ~BJ Home Education Services
          1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
          Greenville, SC  29641-0062
            ~Phone~ 1.800.845.5731 
          ~Order online~   
We will be testing grades 3rd-12th. A fee of $25 per family will be collected on the first day of testing from members. Priority is given to children of PACE members.  If we have room for more students then we will gladly offer testing to those homeschooling families that are not PACE members as of this writing (2012-2013).  A fee of $40 per family will be collected on the first day of testing from non-members.  This is to cover shipping (back to BJT&ES), phone calls, a donation to the church  and a stipend to the test administrators to help cover their traveling expense.  
E-mail me by April 1st  #1-#7 below to receive the "magical code" to order with PACE.
  1. Parent's name
  2. Student(s) name including middle initial
  3. Birth date of student
  4. Grade level student is being tested ( order Spring of current grade)
  5. Mailing address
  6. Phone #
  7. E-mail address
Bob Jones will provide test results online with in 14-21 days upon receipt of the completed tests.  The cost of a test per student this Spring is $29.00+ MA sales tax paid directly to BJ Testing and Evaluation in U.S. funds when you place your order. 
Lori Chapman~SAT coordinator


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

International Night

International Night 2013
Friday, March 22, 2013
Christ Chapel, 1200 Old Stage Rd., Centerville, MA
5:00 set up, 6:00 dinner, 7-9 virtual tour of the world

The intention of this list is to give some ideas to those who are participating in the international event in March.  Please do not feel compelled to do more than you were already planning.  The only requirement for International Night is that your family bring in an international dish of food to share at the pot-luck dinner.   Any table displays or costumes that you come up with will just add to the learning and the fun!
                           Some Ideas for International Night 3/22/13:

If you want, make your own passports to record the countries that are represented.
Here are some sites to help with this:
* *  for Templates see this site and scroll down to the reproducibles list of links:
Note: Each participating family should have an ink stamp or sticker from their country available for those who wish to have their "passports" stamped. Any kind will do.  

Have some fun hand-outs on your country's table such as coloring sheets, fact pages, bookmarks, homemade post cards, candy, or snack sample. 

If you have an ipod or walkman, make a recording of the language or music at your table for listening through headphones.  Note:  a mix of multicultural music will be played overhead during the evening.

Make a "match- it", "true or false" or other quiz game out of facts about your country.  If you have a Geo-Safari, you could make your own game cards.

Send out a "Flat Stanley" to another country and share his experiences.  See this site for details:

Research famous artists from your country and display some artwork.  

Show something that originated or was invented in your country.

Make a model of a traditional house or a famous building or monument from the country.

Include the national flag, symbol, food, animal, plant, anthem, creed, government, religions, past times, famous landmarks, etc. in the display.   

Have your students create graphs & charts to show statistical facts.  Make this the math lesson for a day!

Bring in, or list the books you used to learn about the country.  Assign book reports or biographies about famous citizens.

Design a travel poster

Have a few "Ask Me" questions about your country printed out with a "take one" sign so that your kids can give the answers they have learned.  

Wear a costume from your country, or another country if you can.  This really adds to the festivities!

Report on, write to, and pray for missionaries that are serving in your chosen country.

If you haven't already, consider sponsoring a Compassion Child from your chosen country.  For only $38 dollars a month, you can help fight child poverty & hunger, bring the Gospel message to a child and correspond with him or her through letters (either paper or email via their site).  Take a moment to see their website: 

GROUP GAMES If anyone would like to organize and lead the group in a short international game of some sort, we can use the gymnasium for that, but parents would have to accompany participating children and help the leader.  Let me know if you want to lead this activity, and which game(s) you are planning. 

GROUP CRAFTS If anyone would like to organize and provide supplies for a table where the children can make an international craft, let me know.

Note: The number of tables available at Christ Chapel is down because many of them have been broken.  I think there will be enough, but in case I find out otherwise when we set up on Wednesday 3/20, I may need some of you to bring a folding table if you have one.   I'll let you know.


Annual Testing coming soon!

We are going to have our SAT testing the last week of May (will give you dates A.S.A.P.) and we will hold them at the Presbyterian Church on Route 132 in West Barnstable. 
The fee will be $25.00 per family. (in addition to paying for the tests) This covers the cost of return postage, a donation to the church for use of their building and a stipend to the test administrators to help cover the cost of their traveling expenses. You order from BJUP and the results are available online within a few days.  Please do not order until you get the go ahead from the group.
Grace & Peace,
Lori Chapman 


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