Wednesday, August 11, 2010

While we are on the subject of high school, let's talk transcripts!

Here are some great, free, transcript programs.  I have yet to choose one but I am in search of something I like

Teascript has both a free and a paid version so I am signing up to see if I like how it looks and feels.

Homeschool Tracker has a free and paid version as well.

PEAH, from whom I recently got free ID cards also has a transcript template for download.

There are a ton of templates and a lot of information to look and and download for your own here.

Donna Young is always a great place for freebies, her transcript templates are here.

There are a few paid programs that I have heard good things about as well.
Homeschool Tracker in one of the best.
Edutrack has tons of features.


High School Classes

While I had already chosen materials for this year, I came across this website mentioned on the Well Trained Mind forums and thought I would share because I intend to use some of these in the future.

UCCP Open Access has complete, free, college prep and AP classes for you available now without even registering.  I would suggest looking for the suggested texts on Amazon used or

While we are on the subject of high school, here is a listing from my Free Resources list, especially for High School.
lists all the online courses available for free
new site that combines programming from all universities making it easier to find what you need


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