Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bean Dip

There are often those of us whose family members struggle with our decision to homeschool.  
Sometimes it is a friend or an acquaintance, but there is always someone who thinks you are insane to homeschool your kids.  And they challenge your ability and right to do so, take to quizzing your kids, who freeze like a deer in a headlight to prove their point for them, and are outright obnoxious about something that isn't really any of their business.

Let's face it folks, homeschooling is challenging enough without feeling the need to defend our decision.

Enter a very old discussion on my Well Trained Mind forums that is resurrected by old timers like myself for the benefit of all.  It was written by a fabulous lady named Joanne whose practical advice had helped many.

I don't have permission to put it here, so I will direct you to it, I hope you read it and I hope it saves your sanity when dealing with folks who just don't get it and have no issues telling you.


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