Wednesday, August 11, 2010

While we are on the subject of high school, let's talk transcripts!

Here are some great, free, transcript programs.  I have yet to choose one but I am in search of something I like

Teascript has both a free and a paid version so I am signing up to see if I like how it looks and feels.

Homeschool Tracker has a free and paid version as well.

PEAH, from whom I recently got free ID cards also has a transcript template for download.

There are a ton of templates and a lot of information to look and and download for your own here.

Donna Young is always a great place for freebies, her transcript templates are here.

There are a few paid programs that I have heard good things about as well.
Homeschool Tracker in one of the best.
Edutrack has tons of features.


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