Wednesday, May 18, 2011

June Meeting Information

  1. June Meeting~Date June 7th 6p.m.-9p.m at Christ Chapel this month so we can set up for the curriculum sale!!  If you are selling books, they need to be dropped off during the meeting or find someone who can drop them for you.
  • We will be doing the set -up for used book/curriculum sale on the following day, Wed. June 8th 9-12
  • You can print out the labels here.  Two labels per book. One inside and one outside. 
  • Cash only (unless individual seller is present and will accept personal checks)
  • Cost to sell:$3.00 for donation to the church. Books/curriculum should be sold in increments of dollars, priced to bless other homeschoolers.
  • Free table will be available.
  • All payments & unsold books to be picked up by 1p.m. or they will be donated to distribute as needed.
  • We will also be planning for the upcoming year
  • (many ideas including but not limited to: formal support(meetings with a topic at members' homes or a church location)
  • casual support meetings ( at Barnes & Noble including the teens)
  • Writing Co-Op,
  • Shakespeare Class and Club sign up sheet will be available, space is limited and there are specific requirements.
  • Formal Mentoring  Program (workbook and 4-8 week commitment for both parents; for new or families with young children who need someone to come along side); several of our members already mentor.
  • park days, skating days,horseback riding, MassHOPE booksale, etc.
  • If folks can't make this meeting please send ideas/areas you are willing to lead/help to Lizzie & Lori via e-mail A.S.A.P. so we can include them at the June meeting.
    3.    Sign-up sheets will be at the meeting for above co-ops and programs plus deposit/payment and any other activities that need    advanced planning/contact lists and collection of money by coordinator.



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